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Hearing Aid Fitting/Refitting

ClearWorks uses evidence based practice for all hearing aid fitting and refitting. This means we fit hearing aids using verification measures and services based on data-driven research by our audiology colleagues.  These verifications include REAL EAR MEASUREMENTS, SOUND FIELD TESTING with and without hearing aids, and HEARING AID QUESTIONNAIRES. 

ClearWorks audiology includes a 30 day trial period for hearing aid purchases. During this time, we work together to ensure your hearing aids are right for you. If a hearing aid is not right for your, the 30 day trial period allows time to shift and find the right solution.  If in 30 days you would like to return your hearing aids, we will give you a refund.*

*ClearWorks Audiology reserves the right to keep a portion of the hearing aid fitting fee to partially cover the time and cost of the fitting.

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