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Loving Son

"Dr. Miller's care has made a big difference in the quality of my hearing ability and therefore, my life in general. Hearing loss can make life difficult and very challenging, but Dr. Miller has helped me with my personal goals and choices with hearing devices. She has been extremely dedicated and attentive in personalizing my care. Enhancing and improving hearing loss could not have been a more positive experience for me. I am very appreciative of her constant concern and care!"

-Viki Freeman

"I’ve known Dr. Meryl Miller for many years as an employee, co-worker and friend. She has a friendly and outgoing personality that is undeniably contagious. She delivers impeccable hearing care to all of her patients by serving them with passion and dedication.

In her Audiology protocols, she utilizes her extensive knowledge, listening skills, patience and strong desire to do what’s right in obtaining the best treatment outcomes. With her determination to help each patient individually, she uses the best standard of care and evidenced based practices to assist everyone in their journey for better hearing. A great audiologist!"

Helena Solodar, Au. D.

Working Together
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"I have been working with Dr. Miller for the last 12 years and I can tell you from experience she is the best audiologist in Atlanta. She is an expert in her field, takes care of her patients better than any other audiologist I have been to (6) and is one of the nicest persons I know.  You won’t go wrong going to see Dr. Miller for your hearing issues.  I’ve trusted her for 12 years and will continue to as long as I have tinnitus."

-Sam Bayne

Dr. Madeline [Jardine] cleaned out my ear wax last week and went the extra mile, great information pertaining to my new hearing aids. I give her five stars plus and would highly recommend her!

-David Lagi

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Team Talk

"Dr. Miller takes a very personal and pragmatic approach to you as her patient.  Listening to you and working to solve your hearing needs has always been my experience with her.  Her following of patients speaks in volumes of her success!"

-Mark V.

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