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Our Vision

At ClearWorks Audiology we believe in evidenced based practice.  But, what does that mean?

Evidence based practice means using practices which have been proven by audiological, data driven research. This includes using real ear measurements and other forms of verification for all hearing aid fittings. These verifications not only provide data proving audibility, but also demonstrate the benefit of hearing aids and other treatments. 

Best practices also means incorporating brain processing into our communication evaluations and treatment for hearing disorders.

We want to observe your hearing and understanding in different environments, not just quiet, which is why we always use speech-in-noise measurements in all communication evaluations. 

Above all, we will always see you and listen to you as the individual you are. Your hearing may appear to be the same as another's on paper, but your brain and communication needs are unique. 

Visit ClearWorks Audiology and experience the difference evidence-based, you-focused audiology practice can make in your hearing experience. 

Our Services


Communication Evaluations


It's all about communication, not just hearing. Schedule a communication evaluation to experience the ClearWorks difference.

Tinnitus Consultations


Ringing or buzzing in your ears. Schedule a tinnitus consultation. We can help!

Auditory Processing Work


Hearing is more than your ears. Let's improve your brain's ability to hear and understand.

100% Invisible Lyric Hearing Aid Consultations

Meet with Georgia's most experienced Lyric hearing aid provider, Dr. Meryl Miller.

Hearing Aid Fitting


Our hearing aid fittings always include verification measures based on data-driven research

Second Opinion


Trust your gut. If you think you're not getting the best care, you're probably right!

Hearing Conservation


 Let's protect your hearing, so you're less likely to need our rehabilitative services.


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(404) 919-7219

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220 Sandy Springs Circle Ste 185

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

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